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ANDREW RINKER, J.D., MBA, C Dir, FCIArb, FRICS, FIoD, FCSI, Barrister Academics.       Andrew      Rinker      possesses      outstanding      academic      and      professional qualifications.   He   holds   Doctor   of   Law   (J.D.)   and   Master   of   Business   Administration   (MBA) degrees,   both   of   which   he   achieved   with   high   honours.   He   served   as   the   Editor-in-Chief   of an   international   law   review.   He   earned   the   prestigious   Chartered   Director   status   from   the Institute   of   Directors   in   London.   He   was   also   awarded   the   coveted   Fellow   status   at   the Chartered   Institute   of   Arbitrators,   the   Royal   Institute   of   Chartered   Surveyors   (FRICS)   and at    the    Institute    of    Directors    (FIoD).    He    is    a    member    of    the    Standing    Committee    of Mediation    Advocates    and    is    a    Fellow    of    the    Chartered    Institute    of    Securities    and Investment   (FCSI)   where   he   earned   the   high-level   Certificate   in   Private   Client   Investment and Management. Professional.    Originally   qualified   as   an   American   lawyer,   Andrew   became   a   solicitor   of   the Supreme   Court   of   England   and   Wales.   He   gained   his   higher   rights   of   audience   to   appear before   all   of   the   courts   in   England   and   Wales   as   a   solicitor-advocate.   He   subsequently   was called   to   the   Bar   of   England   and   Wales   by   the   Honourable   Society   of   the   Middle   Temple.   He was granted public access rights and the right to conduct litigation by the Bar Council. Business   Experience.    He   also   has   practical   business   experience,   unlike   most   lawyers,   and he   served   as   a   company   director   of   over   a   dozen   companies   in   a   variety   of   industries. Andrew   has   contributed   a   lot   of   his   time   to   civic,   charitable   and   educational   institutions, serving    on    the    boards    of    schools,    universities,    legal    publications,    a    public    television station,    a    local    government    authority,    museums,    arts    groups,    social    services    and community improvement organisations.   Legal   Experience.    His   legal   experience   is   notable.   Andrew   was   one   of   the   youngest lawyers   ever   to   argue   a   case   before   the   United   States   Supreme   Court.   He   has   worked diligently   in   several   legal   practice   areas   and   has   developed   specialized   skills   in   each   of them. Qualified    and    experienced    in    law    as    a    solicitor,    barrister    and    American    attorney,    in alternative   dispute   resolution   and   in   business   and   financial   services,   Andrew   Rinker   brings a   comprehensive   approach   and   an   impressive   wealth   of   knowledge,   skill   and   talent   to   your legal advisory, drafting, advocacy and dispute resolution needs.   Clients,    friends,    professionals    and    members    of    the    judiciary    describe    Andrew    as enthusiastic,    dynamic,    thorough    and    meticulous,    experienced,    impressively    qualified, intelligent,   articulate   and   persuasive.   He   is   always   a   consummate   professional,   a   creative problem   solver,   friendly   and   open,   easy   to   work   with,   dependable,   and   very   importantly,   he is efficient and effective. As a result, he is great value for the money. Andrew   Rinker   is   an   excellent   advocate   and   one   you   can   trust   to   devote   his   personal attention   and   considerable   resources   to   your   legal   affairs   when   they   matter   to   you   most. Where   warranted,   Andrew   Rinker   has   significant   experience   of   working   with   experts   and other professionals as part of a team. CV. A brief curriculum vitae can be reviewed at this link . To learn how you can instruct Andrew for your legal matter, please click on the Instructing Us link.
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