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The Direct Public Access Scheme with Right to Conduct Litigation Members   of   the   public   may   retain   and   instruct   a   barrister   directly   through   the   Bar’s   Public Access   Scheme   without   having   to   involve   an   instructing   solicitor.   Previously,   clients   were required   to   use   a   solicitor   or   other   professional   adviser   in   order   to   instruct   a   barrister. Under   the   Bar’s   Public   Access   Scheme,   the   barrister’s   role   remains   basically   the   same, except   members   of   the   public,   businesses   and   other   organisations   may   directly   instruct   a barrister.    Additionally,    specifically    qualified    barristers    now    have    the    right    to    conduct litigation. Benefits of Direct Public Access Barristers   are   trained   specialist   legal   advisers   and   advocates.   You   gain   direct   access to   these   trained   advisers   and   advocates   at   a   time   of   your   choice,   not   after   a   problem gets to court. You   will   have   to   consult   and   pay   only   one   legal   adviser   rather   than   two,   which   may result in more control over your own case and considerable cost savings. You   will   normally   know   in   advance   the   basis   on   which   you   will   be   charged,   often   on   a fixed fee basis, and an estimate of the anticipated costs. Click here  for detailed information on the Direct Public Access Scheme
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