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Instructing Us Contact   Andrew   Rinker   by   phone   on   020   7112   8655   or   e-mail   at   Andrew@Rinker-Law.com and   inform   us   that   you   wish   to   instruct   a   barrister   directly.   We   will   then   outline   your   next steps. You should provide us with a short summary of your case, including such details as: The nature of your claim/dispute or advisory or drafting requirement. Whether the case urgent and, if so, the nature of the urgency. Whether you have any court/tribunal hearing dates. Whether   you   previously   been   advised   in   this   case.   If   so,   you   should   specify   by whom. The    existence    of    any    useful    supportive    and    relevant    documentation,    such    as    a contract,   lease,   trust,   will,   letters,   e-mails,   company   document   or   pleading.   If   such documents exist, you should list the documents and briefly describe each document. Once   completed,   please   forward   the   summary   and   relevant   documents   to   Andrew   Rinker   at the   e-mail   or   postal   address   above.   We   may   believe   it   is   necessary   to   discuss   the   matter further.   In   such   event   we   will   set   up   a   telephone   or   face-to-face   appointment.   We   will   be pleased   to   help   you   understand   the   process   and   assess   whether   barrister   direct   public access is the right route for you. The Next Stage After   we   have   reviewed   your   case   summary   and   relevant   documents   (and   conferred   with you),   we   will   determine   whether   your   case   is   suitable   for   the   public   access   scheme.   If   your case   is   appropriate   for   public   access,   we   are   required   to   obtain   proof   of   your   identity   and ask   that   you   submit   to   us   the   original   or   copies   certified   by   a   professional   person   of   each of the following: Photographic   proof   of   name   and   date   of   birth,   such   as   passport/drivers   licence/ID card, and Proof   of   address   through   an   utility   bill   or   bank   statement,   dated   within   the   last   sixty days Thereafter,   we   will   agree   a   written   contract   with   you   for   the   legal   services   you   require.   The contract   will   describe   the   basis   on   which   the   work   will   be   done   and   a   quotation   for   the work.   When   you   receive   the   contract   from   us,   you   should   read   it   carefully   and   ascertain that   it   says   what   you   understand   is   agreed   with   us.   If   the   contract   does   not   reflect   your understanding, you must contact us to discuss it. Fees and costs   We   offer   competitive   rates   which   are   charged   on   an   hourly   rate   and   vary   depending   on   the nature   and   complexity   of   the   case   and   the   seniority   of   counsel.   We   typically   charge between £750-£900 per hour plus VAT. In   many   cases   you   will   be   given   a   fixed   price   fee   in   advance   for   advisory   and   drafting work.   In   this   case,   we   will   not   exceed   the   amount   we   have   quoted   without   your   prior authority. We   usually   charge   fixed-rate   fees   for   litigation   and   advocacy   work.   We   will   negotiate   those fees with you before appearing on your behalf. Prior to the commencement of work, an estimate of cost will be provided to you. Subject   to   agreement,   if   we   have   provided   you   with   a   fixed   price,   the   fees   will   need   to   be paid in advance of the commencement of any work. Where   additional   work   is   required   by   the   barrister   beyond   what   was   previously   agreed,   a new   quote   and   a   new   contract   will   be   agreed.   We   will   not   undertake   any   new   work   until   all outstanding fees have been paid. For   additional   information   we   encourage   you   to   consult   the   Bar   Council’s   website   for   more detailed   and   complete   information   about   the   Public   Access   Guidance   for   Lay   Clients,   which can be found HERE .
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