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The   Law   Offices   of   Andrew   Rinker   offers   advisory,   document   drafting,   litigation,   advocacy and   arbitration   and   mediation   services   to   clients   in   the   UK   and   internationally.   Our   mission is to provide clients with professional, top quality, efficient and personalised legal services. Under   current   regulations,   members   of   the   public   may   instruct   an   accredited   public   access barrister   directly   without   having   to   go   through   a   solicitor   or   other   licensed   professional adviser.   Andrew   Rinker   has   been   accredited   as   a   direct   public   access   barrister   and   has   the right   to   conduct   litigation.   Some   of   the   advantages   of   the   Public   Access   Scheme   include reduced   costs,   more   direct   client   involvement   and   control   over   the   client’s   case   and   the opportunity to access specialist legal advice at the time of the client’s choosing. A   more   detailed   explanation   of   the   direct   Public   Access   Scheme   and   how   it   might   work   to your advantage is provided here under “ Direct Public Access Scheme .” The   Client   Care   information,   which   contains   the   terms   and   conditions   under   which   Andrew Rinker    can    undertake    legal    work    for    you,    as    a    direct    Public    Access    client,    and    the complaints procedures are set forth within our  ” Client Care Letter .” Andrew   Rinker   also   accepts   instructions   in   the   more   traditional   way   from   solicitors   and other   licensed   professionals.   For   details,   please   look   at   the   Licensed   Access   Rules   and business terms described under “ Licensed Access and Recognition .”
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